Download a unique report on Generational differences

(Even though I usually write in Swedish, this blogpost is in English, due to the fact that the report available for you to download is also in English).

I have had the pleasure of pouring my time this fall/winter into a report that highlights the topic of Generations in a condensed package. The report outlines the findings from surveys and research regarding Generation X, Generation Y, Babyboomers as well as the Traditionalists. Some portions are also included in my book. Colleagues of mine all over the world has also contributed by adding their personal experiences and views into the mix. Generational aspects of motivation, leadership and consumerism is included here and the report should be of interest for anyone working in management roles or in strategic positions.

This report has been created by Capgemini and the talent management division. You are free to use and share this as you see fit as long as you give credit. 
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If you have further questions regarding the report or the application of it, then get in touch.
Download report: Generational Profiles Report A

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